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KONRAD Ring - 18k gold

Sale price22.000,00 kr

Also available in recycled sterling silver.

The KONRAD Ring is a testimony to KINRADEN's unwavering commitment towards innovative design melded with environmental consciousness. It encapsulates the whimsical essence of the iconic ballet, translating it into a wearable emblem of artistry and elegance. This exceptional piece is bound to enchant and inspire, making it a prized possession for any fine jewelry enthusiast.

For those enticed by the allure of coordinated elegance, exploring the mesmerizing Elsa hoop earring in 18k gold from the Two Worlds Collection would beautifully harmonize with the KONRAD Ring, creating a symphony of timeless design and sustainable luxury.

KINRADEN APS KONRAD Ring - 18k gold Rings
KONRAD Ring - 18k gold Sale price22.000,00 kr