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It is easy to care for your exclusive jewellery, but please observe these simple guidelines. After wear, use a soft cloth to quickly clean your jewellery and gently roll up metal chains before returning them to the box. Treat your Mpingo blackwood diamonds with natural beeswax from time to time, and enjoy their lustre deepen over time. Remember to remove your jewellery before going into a shower, bath, swim, jacuzzi, sauna or steam bath – and always avoid: water, soap, perfume, makeup, oils, chemical products and hard surfaces that might scratch your jewellery.


Repairing is an important part of a circular economy and we will be happy to help, should your jewellery become damaged. We offer a 24-month warranty on all KINRADEN jewellery, and we will repair it free of charge, should you experience product faults or breakage within this period, given that the damage has occurred during normal wear and tear. If the 24-month warranty has expired, we offer a paid repair service in Copenhagen. You will receive a quote for the repair price, which you need to confirm before we begin the work. We recommend that you always send us an email explaining the problem at before sending your jewellery by post.

Please send your jewellery and purchase receipt to:


Møntergade 3D

1116 Copenhagen