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About Sarah Emilie Müllertz

The woman behind Kinraden

For my kindred spirits, women and men who fall in love with beautiful things, people, poetry and the fleeting pleasures of life itself, I designed precisely the exquisite, eco-gentle jewellery, I dream of wearing myself.

- Sarah Emilie Müllertz,
Architect and founder of KINRADEN

Sarah Emilie Müllertz, an acclaimed design professional, holds a master's degree from the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen. Having owned a design studio and served as a Partner and Global Head of Design at the globally recognized Henning Larsen Architects, her proficiency is second to none. In 2020, she chose to concentrate her efforts on KINRADEN, a jewellery brand she initiated in 2014 as a part-time passion project.

Sarah's deep-seated love for jewellery is evident, honed during her sabbatical studying under a Danish jewellery maker. This crucial period, combined with her architectural experience, cultivates her distinctive approach to jewellery design - an amalgamation of architectural and design philosophies. Drawing from both Danish and Japanese design traditions, Sarah crafts jewellery that projects a distinct, explorative aesthetic.

Her creations, while anchored in classical themes, carry a rebellious streak inspired by avant-garde art and fashion from around the globe, resulting in mesmerizing collections that challenge monotony and superficiality.

Central to Sarah's ethos are sustainability and ethical practices. She navigates the world of fine materials in innovative ways, artfully fusing precious metals like gold and silver with sustainably sourced Mpingo wood from the manufacturing of musical instruments. Her mission is to create unique, enduring jewellery designs with a profound respect for both nature and humanity. Through KINRADEN, Sarah presents extraordinary pieces that meld architectural cues, Danish design heritage, and a daring spirit, while staying true to sustainable practices.

Sarah's innovative flair and commitment to sustainability have earned recognition. Her work is celebrated by industry insiders and discerning customers alike. Recent partnerships include Andreas Murkudis, a concept store owner who praised Sarah's minimal architectural-inspired designs and her commitment to sustainability - as detailed in a Financial Times article.

Beyond KINRADEN, Sarah is actively engaged in the Danish design scene. Not only does she collect art, but she also sits on the advisory board responsible for identifying young talent in art, design, and architecture for the Danish royal family's esteemed cultural awards. Sarah's exceptional journey, driven by her architectural roots and steadfast dedication to sustainability, continues to redefine the scope of jewellery design. Her vision is a powerful testament to her extraordinary talent and her commitment to crafting jewellery that delivers more than just decoration - it offers unique experiences to those who wear it.