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ETERNITY Necklace - sterling silver

Sale price1.545,00 kr

Also available in recycled 18k gold and combined with pendant.

Discover the stunning Eternity necklace in sterling silver - a top-selling pendant that comes with a 45 cm chain. Designed in Copenhagen, this piece showcases the beautiful architectural Danish style and is crafted using recycled silver for sustainability and durability. The pendant features a large Mpingo Blackwood diamond with a brilliant-cut.

The Eternity necklace is part of The Kindred Collection, which draws inspiration from Emily Dickinson's love poems and melancholic universe. The collection features the signet family ring and many pieces are adorned with diamonds, full of symbolism.

To ensure sustainability, the brand avoids traditional mined diamonds and instead uses Mpingo Blackwood - the world's densest and most expensive wood. The wood is cut like a traditional diamond, with old European, brilliant, and cushion cuts. The polished Mpingo Blackwood has a deep black and velvety luster that contrasts beautifully with recycled gold and silver.

The brand is committed to sustainability and uses only recycled, sustainable, and readily restorable raw materials. The materials are purified using eco-friendly processes that minimize harm to people and the environment. Elevate your jewelry collection with the handmade necklace and enjoy beautiful, sustainable jewelry that makes a positive impact.

Length: 45 cm incl. S-lock and eyelet.

We use the stunning Mpingo Blackwood instead of traditional diamonds. These velvety black diamonds contrast beautifully with the metals and cause no harm to people or nature. Quite the opposite, every purchase of these contributes to maintain the species in a WWF-protected forest in Tanzania.