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Unveiling New Arrivals - Explore Our Latest Jewelry Styles

Embarking on a New Aesthetic Journey

Embarking on a journey of exploration and innovation, we at Kinraden are thrilled to introduce a fresh array of styles that embody both the essence of our heritage and the allure of contemporary elegance. The journey that began with the iconic Doric earring, inspired by the ageless Greek columns, has seamlessly evolved into a new narrative. Our latest collection welcomes not just the graceful HERA bracelet, but also a rich array of rings that tell stories of aesthetic allure and timeless design. Each piece, meticulously crafted, aims to traverse the realms of the organic and the architectural, mirroring the dynamism and grace of the human form.

A Fusion of Metal and Mpingo

As we unveil the exquisite Hanna and Konrad rings, a new chapter in aesthetic elegance unfolds. The Hanna ring, available in 18k gold and sterling silver, showcases a captivating interplay between metal and Mpingo, an essence of Kinraden's commitment to sustainable luxury. The design highlights Mpingo intervening with the metal, creating a beautiful juxtaposition that's both visually enthralling and symbolic. On the other hand, the Konrad ring, crafted in gold or silver, presents a unique blend of round, flat design with a stripe of Mpingo tree coursing through, reflecting the timeless beauty and the continuous journey of evolution. The combination of precious metals and Mpingo not only represents a fusion of materials but also narrates the tale of sustainability and modern luxury.

An Invitation to a Timeless Narrative

Our new styles are more than just jewelry; they are expressions of individuality, of a lineage of design that appreciates the past while embracing the new. The launch of HERA, Hanna, and Konrad is an invitation to be a part of a narrative that's enduring, elegant, and evocative. As you explore the allure of our latest rings and bracelets, we hope you find more than just a piece of jewelry. You're discovering a piece of art, a part of history, and a testament to sustainable luxury that's set to remain relevant through the sands of time. At Kinraden, we are not just crafting jewelry, we are sculpting stories, and we are excited to have you become a part of this beautiful narrative.

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