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HERA LARGE Bracelet - 18k gold

Sale price90.000,00 kr

Also available in small size, and in recycled sterling silver.

Indulge in the bold charm of the HERA SMALL Bracelet, exquisitely crafted in luxurious 18k gold. Drawing inspiration from the architectural elegance of our iconic Doric earring, the HERA SMALL Bracelet is a statement of grandeur and modern sophistication. With its commanding silhouette, this piece embraces the contours of your wrist, offering a distinguished look that stands out in any setting. The lustrous 18k gold composition not only speaks volumes about its premium quality but also exudes a rich, enduring appeal. The HERA SMALL Bracelet is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a bold statement of timeless style. Adorn your wrist with the expansive elegance of the HERA SMALL Bracelet and redefine contemporary luxury in a classic guise.