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Let's walk ahead with a gentler step

At KINRADEN, we cherish the intricately woven tapestry of life on our planet, recognizing that our every action has a ripple effect, touching lives near and far. As artisans in the luxury segment, our mission transcends crafting of exquisite jewellery.

Through our commitment to a fair, circular, and sustainable practice, we seek to reimagine what luxury can and should be - an elegant commitment to timeless beauty and conscious consumption. As we journey forth, this ethos is our compass, guiding us to create enduringly beautiful pieces that respect our planet, honor our shared humanity, and push the boundaries of conventional luxury.


“We are in business to create enduring beauty by making a positive impact on the planet.“

We vow never to exploit people but to foster a culture of social fairness, equality, and respect in all our dealings.

We are committed to a future free of waste, advocating for circular and sustainable solutions, relentlessly.

We refuse to compromise on our values, using our business to inspire and effect a meaningful, positive change.


Caring for nature through thoughtful jewellery crafting

Crafting jewellery inevitably requires materials. However, at KINRADEN, we choose the path that leads to the support of nature rather than its harm. We're committed to using recycled, sustainable, and restorable raw materials, purified to the highest standards using the most environmentally friendly processes available.

It's easy to dismiss the environmental impact of something as small as a piece of jewellery, but the reality is starkly different. Mining for a single gram of virgin silver or gold can necessitate the extraction of a ton of ore, devastating landscapes that cannot be replaced. The process also releases hazardous substances like arsenic, cyanide, and mercury into the environment, damaging land, forests, rivers, and even the air we breathe. That's why at KINRADEN, we insist that the method of jewellery production matters as much as the end product itself.

Sustainably sourced excellence in metals

At KINRADEN, our approach to luxury jewellery negates the use of virgin metals, instead favouring the resurrection of recycled gold and silver. Through delicate purification processes, we refine these metals to 18 carat gold and 925 sterling silver. The metals we use are steeped in history, having served varying roles from electronics to precision instruments. Our mission is to breathe new life into these once-mined resources, embracing the wealth that already exists. While this path may not be the simplest, we are firm in our belief that it is the most responsible and sustainable approach. It is our aspiration that our commitment to sustainability will inspire others within our industry to tread the same path.

Our signature Mpingo diamonds

Our commitment to sustainability is deeply ingrained, dictating our choice of materials. Traditionally mined diamonds, with their environmental impact, don't align with our values. Instead, we turned to nature and discovered the remarkable Mpingo Blackwood. Known as the world's densest and most prized wood, we innovatively shape it with Old European, Brilliant, and Cushion cuts, akin to traditional diamonds. The result is a polished, velvety black gem that beautifully contrasts our recycled gold and silver, becoming a distinctive design element of KINRADEN pieces. Its beauty only intensifies with wear, promising timeless appeal for today and future generations.

Our Mpingo Blackwood is responsibly sourced from a WWF-protected, FSC-certified forest in Tanzania, a sustainable 'mine above ground'. Utilizing remnants from the production of classical wind instruments, our use of Mpingo Blackwood promotes the growth of these invaluable trees without leaving a trace on nature. Our 'diamonds' thus not only support the environment but also the communities dependent on these forests.

While traditional diamonds are formed from crystallised carbon, our Mpingo diamonds are living, and harvested sustainably above ground. Each diamond, crafted using time-honored cutting techniques, is as unique as a mined gem, becoming even more exquisite with each wear.


As a contemporary and conscious luxury brand, we have pledged our dedication to two of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - endorsing fair and honorable employment practices (Goal 8) and advocating for responsible production and consumption (Goal 12). This commitment directly influences our operations, reinforcing our quest for empowering people and driving sustainable, circular production in the luxury industry.

Decent work and economic growth  Responsible consumption and production


Circular is forever

The circular economy is a transformative approach aimed at curbing waste and persistent exploitation of Earth's finite resources. This model departs from the conventional linear 'take-make-dispose' process, instead embracing a cycle of reuse, sharing, repair, remake, recycle, and re-engineer.

This closed-loop system significantly reduces waste and pollution, creating an enduring and balanced relationship syncing with our environment. In a circular economy, sustainability is not just a goal but a guiding principle, ensuring adequate resources for everyone, at all times, without compromising the well-being of our planet.

Slow and circular:
Our values of sustainable luxury

In contrast to the fleeting nature of fast fashion, KINRADEN embodies the art of slow creation. We are about enduring elegance and meticulously handcrafted jewellery that is cherished across generations. As proponents of the circular model, our mission is to lessen our footprint on Earth's resources while fostering sustainable production cycles that benefit both the environment and people. Our unwavering dedication to purity ensures that we use materials that are most compatible with reuse and reengineering.

We strive for neutral energy consumption and zero waste, extending even to our multi-use organic paper packaging. This approach underscores our commitment to sustainable luxury, where timelessness, quality, and respect for our planet converge.


Each piece of KINRADEN jewellery is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans in our high-standard facility in Thailand. It brings us immense pride to be in partnership with an establishment entirely led by women, where fairness, equality, and respect are integral to their operations. This alliance ensures that every hand that contributes to our jewellery enjoys a dignified work environment, reinforcing our commitment to human dignity in every facet of our business.

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