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For my kindred spirits, women and men who fall in love with beautiful things, people, poetry and the fleeting pleasures of life itself, I designed precisely the exquisite, eco-gentle jewellery, I dream of wearing myself.

- Sarah Müllertz,
Architect and founder of KINRADEN
Sarah Müllertz has a master’s degree from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and is a former design studio owner and later Partner and Global Head of Design at the internationally renowned Henning Larsen Architects. In 2019 she left her position there to focus fully on KINRADEN, which she had founded five years earlier as a part time project. Her passion for jewellery is however not new, as she spent her sabbatical years learning from a Danish jewellery maker before commencing her studies.

In her own words, she still works with the mind of an architect – only in smaller scale. Her jewellery design evolves from the intersection between architecture and design and is strongly influenced by the Danish and Japanese design traditions. While her clear and explorative aesthetic expression grows from classic themes, it also harbours an inner fun rebel that takes its cues from international avantgarde art and fashion. We will neither be bored, nor superficial.

Her other central agenda is sustainability through recycled materials and circularity as a business model. Sarah experiments with fine materials, combining the obvious gold and silver with sustainable Mpingo wood from fine musical instrument production, in order to create novel and enduring jewellery designs that are sourced and produced in the gentlest possible manner to people and nature alike.

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