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KONRAD Ring - sterling silver

Sale price2.200,00 kr

Also available in recycled 18k gold.

Unveiling the KONRAD Ring in sterling silver, a cherished piece from the Two Worlds Collection, where the principles of sustainability and refined design elegantly unite. This mesmerizing ring, adeptly crafted from recycled sterling silver, echoes the design ethos of our iconic OSKAR pendant, resonating with the simplistic yet profound spirit of the Bauhaus movement and Oskar Schlemmer's legendary "Triadic Ballet".

The KONRAD Ring stands as a tribute to KINRADEN's steadfast dedication towards innovative design intertwined with environmental mindfulness. It encapsulates the ethereal essence of the iconic ballet, rendering it into a wearable emblem of artistry and elegance. This remarkable piece is certain to allure and captivate, making it a coveted treasure for any fine jewelry aficionado.

KINRADEN APS KONRAD Ring - sterling silver Rings
KONRAD Ring - sterling silver Sale price2.200,00 kr