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6.000,00 kr

Necklace, 50 cm

A luxurious necklace in solid, recycled sterling silver. The necklace has a relaxed fit, so you can wear it directly on your neck or lifted over a top. The understated elegance of this exquisite design provides for plenty of use with both casual and evening wear.

With inspiration from the ancient art of Japanese wood joinery, each link has been shaped so it will fit precisely into the next. Run your fingers over the necklace as it 4 lies flat on a surface, and you will experience no resistance, yet when you lift and wear it, it comes softly alive.

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2.200,00 kr

AMPLE FLIGHT necklace including our 90 cm chain. The pendant holds a 6 mm Old European Cut Mpingo Blackwood diamond.

Length: 90 cm incl. S-lock and eyelet

We use the stunning Mpingo Blackwood instead of traditional diamonds. These velvety black diamonds contrast beautifully with the metals and ours cause no harm to people or nature. Quite the opposite, every purchase of these contributes to maintain the species in a WWF-protected forest in Tanzania.

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