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The Best of Both Worlds

The Stilos earrings by KINRADEN, crafted in collaboration with Danish designer Mark Kenly Domino Tan, are a true work of art in jewellery design. Each earring in the collection presents a distinct and creative interpretation of a shared theme. KINRADEN's commitment to sustainability is reflected in the use of three signature materials - recycled solid gold, silver, and Mpingo Blackwood - making the Stilos earrings both visually striking and responsibly sourced.

The Shape of the Stilos

Founder of KINRADEN Sarah Müllertz describes the shape of the Stilos earrings as 'the moment just before a drop of water lands within the water' brought to life through exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

The Duality

This ever-evolving collection welcomes a new variation of Doric named Gemini. Akin to the zodiac Gemini, this Doric has a wearable duality; one side is gold, and the other is silver, allowing the wearer a modern and sustainable way to express their unique style and individuality in jewellery.

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