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Jens-Peter Brask


Jens-Peter Brask's narrative unfolds from a youthful curiosity in graffiti, morphing over time into a profound appreciation for the boundless expressions of art. This journey, beginning with his first acquisition of a Michael Kvium piece in 1993, echoes the evolving canvas of creativity, much akin to the ethos of Kinraden’s ever-evolving collections. His transition from a restaurateur to a full-time curator demonstrates a passion-driven metamorphosis, resonating with Kinraden's journey of exploring uncharted territories in jewelry design.

Photo: Oliver Knauer @oliverknauer

Jens-Peter Brask wearing Kinraden


"The film is recorded in my office and gives an insight into my daily work with art. In my role as a curator, I aim to present the diversity of art and I actively seek to find new ways to show it. I am grateful to be working with so many talented artists and collaborate with them on unique projects to promote art." This reflection by Jens-Peter isn't just a glimpse into his daily life but a mirror to Kinraden’s ethos. Like Jens-Peter, we at Kinraden, too, cherish the diverse tapestry of creativity, ever-endeavoring to unveil new dimensions of artistic expression through our curated collections.

Jens-Peter Brask
Jens-Peter Brask wearing Kinraden


Jens-Peter's home, adorned with a blend of paintings, sculptures, and design objects, narrates tales of his eclectic taste. His professional and personal realms seamlessly blend, crafting a living gallery that fuels daily inspiration. This fluidity between work and personal passion finds a reflection in Kinraden’s approach towards creating pieces that aren’t merely accessories, but expressions that blend seamlessly with the wearer’s narrative, enhancing their everyday discourse.


His advice to budding collectors - to buy from the heart and immerse in the joy of discovering young talents - is a message that transcends beyond the realm of art collecting. It’s a philosophy that resonates with Kinraden’s commitment to sustainability and nurturing a community where the love for artistry and responsible luxury flourish. Through the lens of Jens-Peter Brask's curatorial journey, we see a kindred spirit, embodying the essence of exploring, appreciating, and promoting a culture of thoughtful creativity and sustainable elegance.

Instagram: @brask007

Jens-Peter Brask wearing Kinraden
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