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DORIC SMALL Earring - 18k gold

Sale price11.000,00 kr

Also available also in recycled sterling silver and in a size large.

The lightweight drop earring is a stunning example of architectural Danish design, handcrafted in Copenhagen using recycled 18 karat gold. We use 18 karat gold instead of 14 karat gold to minimize the use of alloyed metals and ensure that our jewelry is both clean and durable.
The iconic DORIC small features a lightweight and impactful hollow design that strikes the perfect balance between volume and weight at 6 grams.

This statement earring collection is the result of a collaboration between KINRADEN and Danish fashion designer Mark Kenly Domino Tan, two brands that prioritize impeccable quality and craftsmanship. The collection is called The Stilos Collection and is inspired by ancient Grecian pillars and feature sculptural pieces that use KINRADEN's three signature sustainable materials: solid gold, silver, and Mpingo blackwood. Both designers aimed to create a design that would remain modern for generations to come.

At KINRADEN, we understand that our jewelry requires precious materials, but we are committed to using recycled, sustainable, and readily restorable raw materials that are purified through eco-gentle processes to minimize harm to the environment.

By choosing KINRADEN, you can enjoy beautiful and sustainable jewelry that is both ethical and environmentally responsible.

Height: 3,2 cm

Please note: That this earring is sold individually. You can combine KINRADEN earrings across collections, mix with other designs – or order two for a pair.

KINRADEN APS DORIC SMALL Earring - 18k gold Earrings
DORIC SMALL Earring - 18k gold Sale price11.000,00 kr