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DORIC MEDIUM 'GEMINI' Earring - 18k gold & sterling silver

Sale price14.960,00 kr

Introducing the Doric Medium Gemini - the latest addition to Kinraden's Stilos Collection.

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this earring features an intricate designed corpus sporting half-18k gold and half-sterling silver. Beautifully combining the warmth of gold with the cool elegance of silver. The Gemini is titled after its namesake twins, representing the duality of this piece - perfect for mixing and matching with your other gold or silver jewellery. This new medium size falls beautifully between Doric Small and Doric Large. The perfect size for adding a touch of sophistication and style to your everyday look. Elevate your jewellery collection with the timeless beauty of the Doric Medium Gemini today.

Created in Copenhagen, we use 18-karat gold - opposed to 14-karat - to minimize the use of alloyed metals and keep our jewellery as clean and durable as possible. We understand the importance of sustainability, which is why our jewellery uses recycled, sustainable, and readily restorable raw materials, purified to a high standard through the most eco-gentle processes we can find.
A design where a lightweight and impactful hollow design achieves a flawless equilibrium at 10 grams.

The DORIC is available in the following combinations:
- DORIC SMALL in 18k gold
- DORIC SMALL in sterling silver
- DORIC LARGE in 18k gold
- DORIC LARGE in sterling silver
- DORIC MPINGO LARGE in 18k gold
- DORIC MPINGO LARGE in sterling silver
- IONIC in 18k gold
- IONIC in sterling silver

Please note: That this earring is sold individually. You can combine KINRADEN earrings across collections, mix with other designs – or order two for a pair.

KINRADEN APS DORIC MEDIUM 'GEMINI' Earring - 18k gold & sterling silver Earrings
DORIC MEDIUM 'GEMINI' Earring - 18k gold & sterling silver Sale price14.960,00 kr