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Make it Beautiful and Ethical

Make it Beautiful and Ethical

Make it beautiful. Your jewellery is an ethical choice

In a world of dwindling resources, how do we produce jewellery responsibly?

This is my take on it: nothing is beautiful that causes suffering at any stage of production. As a consequence, I created KINRADEN to show that jewellery production can be sustainable, every step of the way.

Firstly, we select our fine sustainable materials

I believe we have a duty, humans and companies, to use the materials we have already extracted from planet earth. To use them again and again, and make sure they don’t end up as polluting waste. This is why KINRADEN won’t contribute to new metal mining. Instead, we use recycled gold and silver that we gently refine to the purest possible level.

On the question of precious stones, I have yet to find one, the life journey and extraction of which could be described as anything near sustainable. Consequently, I have made a conscious choice to not use traditional diamonds and stones. Amazingly, from this decision, a new door opened. I discovered a sustainable WWF-protected project of Mpingo wood, also known as African Blackwood, which is among the world’s absolute densest living materials – and certainly the most expensive of woods. Normally used for classical oboe and clarinet production, Mpingo is so hard it quickly dulls saws and machinery – which we worked to our advantage by cutting it the exact same way as traditional diamonds! It is necessary that we challenge the jewellery business on its materials choices and make space for something new and beautiful to arise.

Secondly, we design for circularity

Just look at the heaps of waste we humans are piling up on earth. We’re drowning in our own trash. I simply don’t think it is fair or right to start a company according to the same old produce-consume-waste economic system that got us into this, literally speaking, filthy mess. We must all of us think circularity from the start, at the core of the business model.

The backbone of KINRADEN is circularity. We not only employ recycled and sustainable materials, we also make them as pure as possible, so that – should anyone want to dispose of our jewellery – they can be readily reworked and reused. Our jewellery could be dropped directly in nature, for that matter, and still not pollute. But the stage in between, the actual period of use, holds an important point too, as we insist on designing for lasting relevance and a life span of several generations: sustainability is also very much about aesthetics.

And finally, we make it fair and equal

I spend time on the supplier link, because picking the first and cheapest business partners does not fulfil our vision to create fine sustainable jewellery. We need to secure a very high standard of work combined with fair and equal working conditions for all. Because another aspect of sustainability is that everyone should be able to build a business and make a living from his or her work. We have chosen to work with a small, woman- owned manufacturer in Bangkok where a few certified goldsmiths keep the production going, all female and all over 18 years of age. We have a close and productive working relationship to ensure that every detail is handled correctly – to the benefit of all.

KINRADEN means kinship. I believe we are all part of the same cycle of life, and I want to push back against illegal businesses exploiting people, nature and the future of our planet. It motivates me highly, and I have basically built my business on this foundation – to make a positive impact on this beautiful planet of ours.

Do reach out if you want to learn more about KINRADEN and our sustainability approach.
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