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KINRADEN by the Circular Threads Project

KINRADEN acknowledged by the Circular Threads Project

For a full week KINRADEN is being acknowledged for our sustainability agenda by the prestigious Circular Threads Project - an ambitious project to encourage sustainable change in the fashion industry. The project is founded by three highly acclaimed fashion industry professionals; photographer Alex Bramal, fashion stylist Natalie Wansbrough-Jones and editor Anna Rosova. I'm in awe of their obvious talents and extremely grateful for the light they are shining on KINRADEN this week. I encourage you to discover their super delicious work.  
Sarah Müllertz by the Circular Threads Project
Sustainable jewellery
Kinraden sustainable jewellery
Aiming for full sustainability
Sarah Müllertz - circular threads project
Enjoy the full story on KINRADEN and more Circular Threads Projects
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