the stuff diamonds are made of


KINRADEN will be as sustainable as possible. It is inherent in our idea that every link in our supply chain will earn reason. When everyone is able to build a business and make a living from their work, we are able to push back against illegal businesses exploiting people, nature and the future of our children.


KINRADEN jewellery is handcrafted from the finest, recycled and purified 18 carat gold and sterling silver, embedded with rock-hard, black Mpingo heartwood diamonds, harvested from our “mine above the ground” – a lush and thriving certified forest in Tanzania – – protected through WWF.


Mpingo heartwood is one of the hardest, most durable and also most expensive, growing materials that exists. Each of the black Mpingo diamonds have been individually cut brought to a brilliant, velvety lustre in the hand of skilled diamonds cutters. Worn next to your skin, they will grow ever more gorgeous with time.



“This is it. And nothing we did was ever this important. To create something so beautiful it would be impossible to pass by untouched; something that will touch us deeply, because it reminds us who we really are – that we are one, infinitely related by spirit and blood. We know enough. Enough that our innocence has gone; we must change our ways and walk ahead with a gentler step.”