THE DESIGN – thoughts and philosophy

For our kindred spirits, women who fall in love with beautiful things, people, poetry, and the fleeting pleasures of life itself, we designed this collection of luxurious, eco-gentle jewellery – mindful of the truth that everything we touch inevitably also touches the lives of others. It happens that jewellery melts into the self. Familiar pieces that you reach for in the morning, as a headline catches your eye – and maybe you burn the top lip sipping coffee – they shield you for the day with their extraordinary beauty.


Black Mpingo heartwood diamonds, from certified forests, set in recycled 18 carat gold or sterling silver. This understated and quietly elegant diamond cut comes from the original Old European Cut.


Black Mpingo heartwood diamonds from certified forests, set in recycled 18 carat gold or Sterling Silver. With its multitude of smaller facets the Brilliant Cut creates a sparkling brilliance and light return.

EXCUSE ME while I kiss the stars, I have no better things to do. Except to kiss your fingertips, and then your neck and ear. I’ll drape my dreams around your bed and

watch them fall into your sleeping skin, like raindrops on the sand. The collection was co-created by architect and designer Sarah Müllertz and Jewellery designer

Vibe Harsløf.