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We want to help nature heal

Jewellery inherently requires materials. But rather than causing harm to nature in sourcing these, we hope to help nature heal. We make this possible by insisting on recycled, sustainable and readily restorative raw materials, which we purify to a very high standard through the most eco-gentle processes available. This goes for all our recycled metals and blackwood diamonds

Our fine sustainable metals

KINRADEN jewellery never involves the use of virgin metals, but only recycled gold and silver, gently purified to 18 carat gold and 925 sterling silver. Our metals have a history and of course, they were once mined too. Since then, they have been used for different purposes, including electronics and fine precision instruments. We are here to give these metals new life and love – to continue using the riches already at hand. It is by no means easier or cheaper to do so, but it is the only way forward. We hope to inspire others to follow the same path.

Our signature blackwood Diamonds

Many of our pieces are embellished with our beautiful black signature diamonds sourced from African blackwood, known as Mpingo in Swahili. These stunning diamonds cause no harm to nature or people, but are simply cut from leftover wood from esoteric clarinet production. The FSC-certified wood has been harvested from a WWF-protected, lush and sustainable forest in Tanzania, which we actively support. Fx close-up mpingo diamond Traditional diamonds are crystallised carbon, ours are living and harvested from a sustainable ‘mine’ above ground. African blackwood is extremely hard, and our diamonds cut and polished by traditional diamond cutting techniques. Each as unique as a traditional diamond, and growing ever more beautiful with age.

How we produce jewellery matters

Jewellery is a token of love, yet the traditional jewellery industry has caused enormous hurt to people working in it and our limited natural resources. But jewellery is really just small, how can it be so bad? Well, as we learned, a single gram of virgin silver or gold often requires a ton or more of mined ore from in irreplaceable landscapes – and beyond that there are arsenic emissions, cyanide and mercury poisoning causing damage to land, forests, rivers and even the air that we breathe.* So, how we produce jewellery really matters.

*Earthworks and Oxfam America, “Dirty Metals: Mining, Communities and the Environment”.

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