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The Stilos Collection

KINRADEN X Mark Kenly Domino Tan

The Stilos Collection was designed in collaboration between KINRADEN and Danish fashion designer Mark Kenly Domino Tan. This strong and bold earring collection, or series of wearable mini art pieces, is inspired by the ancient Grecian Corinthian, Doric and Ionic columns. And like columns, these highly sculptural gold, silver and polished Mpingo pieces are aesthetic variations of a repetitive theme according to composition, rhythm and purpose. The aspiration for both KINRADEN and Mark Kenly Domino Tan has been to create jewellery that will stand out and remain modern through generations – to create enduing beauty.


The Radiant Collection

The Radiant Collection plays with lines, shapes and proportions in the form of a twisted metal ellipse in recycled 18 carat gold or sterling silver. Organic and classic in their appearance, these beautiful slender ovals are a fond celebration of minimalistic Scandinavian design. The collection was designed by KINRADEN founder Sarah Müllertz with inspiration from her background as an architect, playing with the possibilities that can arise from a single clean shape. Most pieces are designed with both men and women in mind.


The Kindred Collection

We kindred are. The Kindred Collection was inspired by the deeply poetic and romantic universe of the past American poet Emily Dickinson. This first collection evolves around the classic diamond, but in a radically fresh and sustainable interpretation – our signature Mpingo Blackwood diamond. The world’s densest and most expensive wood, our Mpingo is sourced from a WWF-protected forest in Tanzania and traditionally cut according to the Old European and Brilliant cuts, then polished to a velvety black lustre. Worn next to your skin, the velvety lustre of these diamonds from our ‘mine above ground’ will continue to deepen with wear.


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