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Circular is forever

Circular economy aims at eliminating waste and the continual exploitation of the planet’s natural resources. Moving away from traditional linear industrial ‘take-make-dispose’ processes, circular systems build of the concepts of reusing, sharing, repairing, remaking, recycling and re-engineering to create a closed loop of materials that will greatly minimise waste and pollution. Circular economy means that there’s enough to go around for everyone, forever.

We believe in slow and circular

Fashion is fast, we’re not. Quite the opposite, KINRADEN is all about lasting relevance and slowly handmade jewellery to be loved for generations. As a circular company, we are committed to minimise our negative impact on the world’s limited natural resources and ultimately create sustainable production loops for both nature and people. We insist on using the purest possible materials that can seamlessly be reused or reengineered, should anyone ever want to do so. Finally, we aim for neutral energy consumption and zero waste, including from our multi-use organic paper packaging.

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