Knowing that everything we touch inevitably touched the lives of others, KINRADEN was born as a project of passion for outstanding design and style based on sustainable and respectful interactions. Our materials are sourced with careful respect for both people and nature and certified to strict sustainability standards wherever possible.

KINRADEN is the old 13th century English form of the word “kindred” – to be related by blood. The name was chosen because it speaks to the mind as well as the heart. The name also encompasses the concept of oneness – that we are all one. And for better and worse, we share this single, magical planet of ours. What we do and how we each live will have a profound effect on the lives of others. It's time to walk ahead with a kinder step.

Founder of Kinraden Sarah Müllertz

has a Masters degree from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. She is a former Partner and Global Head of interior, product and graphic design at the international architect firm Henning Larsen. In her jewelry design, Sarah works in a cross - field between architecture, design and art. She is inspired by Japanese design tradition, avant - garde art and fashion, as well as classic Danish architecture and furniture design. Her aesthetic expression is clear and explorative, but grows from more traditional themes such as her signature diamond cut series. She plays with materials, curiously combining the obvious with the unexpected to create timeless pieces driven by her passion for sustainable living – a world of gentle interactions between people and nature. “I believe that design must have a justification. In its expression, quality and in the way it is produced. And that it must always spring from necessity, the need for function and examination of the world. ” Emily Dickinson´s romantic yet melancholic poetry is an infinite source of inspiration and all names for the Kinraden jewelry line have been picked from Dickinson’s universe.