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HANNA Ring - sterling silver

Sale price2.500,00 kr

Also available in recycled 18k gold.

Unveiling the HANNA Ring in sterling silver, a distinguished emblem from our Two Worlds Collection, where the marriage of sustainability and classic sophistication shines brightly. This exemplary ring, skillfully sculpted from recycled sterling silver, is adorned with Mpingo hardwood insets that heighten its visual appeal. Echoing the minimalist ethos of the Bauhaus movement and the ethereal creations of Oskar Schlemmer, the HANNA Ring represents KINRADEN's unyielding pursuit of innovative design alongside environmental stewardship. This sleek yet impactful piece is a treasured addition for the modern jewelry enthusiast, encapsulating a realm where timeless elegance intersects with contemporary responsibility.

KINRADEN APS HANNA Ring - sterling silver Rings
HANNA Ring - sterling silver Sale price2.500,00 kr